An archive of explorations, prototypes, inspirations. 

Inspired by the quircky and innovative nature of the theatre, this project is a redesign of the Identity system of the Steppenwolf Theatre. The idea of legs to represent the Steppenwolf came from the theatre's existance as an ensemble, a collective of people who work together and take on different personas. The mark is inspired by the saying "Whichever way you throw me, I will stand." The logo and typographic style is applied throughout the system in different variations, bringing the brand together into a cohesive unit.

Steppenwolf Theater Identity


A series of posters for a lecture series for the School of Architecture. Each poster is built with a different motivation. In some letterforms are composed to mimic architectural patterns and shapes. Some mimic the fluidity and influence of a lecture series.

Achitecture Lecture Poster Series


A set of typographic posters examining the contrast between two memories. Both memories occurred in the same location, on the coast of the sea. The content of the posters is a mixture of the lyrics of a Lithuanian folk song and personal observations about the two moments.

Memory Exploration Posters


An exploration of the use of typography in visually expressing the meaning of two quotes. The first from Kate Chopin's The Awakening and the second by Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Typography as Image


A set of flip books inspired by Helios, the god of sun, and Aeolus, the god of wind. The imagery in both books is hand made using paper cutting in the Aeolus book and chalk pastels to create the fields of color in the Helios flip book.

Helios & Aeolus Flip Books


An identity design for artist and friend, Shir Ende. 

Shir Ende Identity


A reflection on the experience of entering and leaving the Tadao Ando gallery. Being my first graphic design project, freshman year of school, for the professor that inspired me to pursue design, this project is always dear to my heart.

Movement through Space: The Tadao Ando Gallery


The trump cards of a tarot set redesigned in a minimal approach using graphite to create abstract illustrations. 

Tarot Deck


A simple device created to depict the shifting colors of sunrise and sunset.

The Helios Box


A series of posters presenting information about a set of lectures on the history of three typefaces. 

Typography History Poster Series


Collage Series

Abstracted from a real journey, a series of 8 collages demonstrating the transition from one point to another in space.


An artist book exploring the infamous journey of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. The book includes a timeline of events from FBI Case Records and an excerpt from "The Trail's End" by Bonnie Parker.

Bonnie and Clyde Artist Book


Multiple spreads from an artist book based on "Einstein's Dreams." 

Einstein's Dreams